and the guys if you want to know the secret of hair growth stay tuned and what this video throughout before I start guys I will first of all share my head journey with you guys guys you guys can see my hair was two years here and then I was relaxed guys you guys can see how my hair was really done me guys in love as you guys have seen this my head was two years guys two years and then I was still trying to do some styles and if I could washed my hair guys when I was relaxed you guys can see the our motto hair and I decided to be chopped and then of 2015 because I was so done with relaxer and that this my natural hair is also two years guys can see the volume of hair I have achieved and are you guys so when I did born my hair was looking terrible look nine guys with my natural hair born guys is this not cute just look at the first video like when I was relaxed how my hair was looking as if I don’t even know how to explain but look at my hair now and I guys if I want to do braids with my natural hair maybe if I want to do Kairos oh if I want to do something buzz breast crochet braids I usually detangled my hair with stressing comb guys and at the ends of my hair is very difficult to detangle that is why I usually use the tangled comb to comb my hair properly before doing coals [Music] avocado pear carrot and the extra virgin olive oil oh gee what a nice fire holy water healthy sphere if in a potato chip owns you it’s you to miss out çb color juice guys if you want you could also press the carrot juice but I will be cooking everything together and I will be using two avocados [Music] and then I would just allowed it to boil a little bit before I will pour in the extra virgin olive oil [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] and that these oil guys will last me modified most guys I don’t use a lot of hair products or my natural hair these are the two products I am using veggie have fertilizer and this oil I just showed you guys just now and they’re guys the two products are working perfectly and they’re not a harm in trying guys give a try and if yours is working perfectly like my share the testimony with me guys if you enjoyed this video give a you thumbs up share with friends and family thank you so so much for watching this video and I will catch you guys in my next work bye [Music]

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