hi guys welcome back to my channel so on this video I’m going to be showing you and what to be changing how to grow your hair fast and make your hair very very soft this method has been working for me my hair was very strong before but as you can see now my hair is not relaxed this is my natural hair I don’t have a heat damaged my head just changed the texture and become very soft so this is the method are they using like I use this method twice a month yes so if you can use it twice a month Oh at least once a month it’s going to help your hair very very well I believe me it will help your hair so what are the ingredients I’m going to be using is aloe vera gel fresh aloe vera gel and any oil of you mix see here I have difference for you inside this bottle so it can mix any oil of your choice it’s like a pre-poo I think that is what I call it BOTS it will grow your hair very very fast and make your hair very soft another has the property to make our hair soft and it contains a lot of bitumen that is good for our head so yeah how do I apply this so how I do apply this like how I apply it is our session my hair into four can put your hair incident any amount of session you want secure them so I’m going to do the same here if you do wondering I already shampooed my hair because I love to shampoo my hair twice a month so I shampooed my hair last weekend so this is why I’m not doing shampoo on my head again so on this spray bottle I have just fresh water but I’m easier warm water I have I have one water only one what’s a hit because I love to use one what’s up on my head so I’m going to spray the warm water to make my hair a little bit soft because I don’t like to work on dry hair so you only need to make the hair down you only need to dam your hair don’t need to pour in lots of water spray a lot of water or needs detangle it with your hand so when you are done detangling your hair the elbow I have comes in the little space you can get a deep and very which makes it easy if you want very easily bigger and better so what what I going to do just stacks up right on the roots of your hair at the roots of your head I mean why while you are working with Oliveira make sure you place your you define you’re going to be using over a boil or hot water because like I already said I’d love to work with are you a little bit of one on you and the warm water on my head so go ahead and apply this aloe vera on your hair and make sure you cut the aloe vera and remove the pin and its side of the aloe vera don’t work with the pin okay when you remove the pin just called the aloe vera institute and is how you get a piece like this so when you are done obtain the other very mustard seeds of your head just give it a warm massage if you think that the job they are whether you apply is not end of go ahead and apply and don’t forget to apply it and tips of your head because the tip of your head is very very important so when you are done watching your head as you can see him is very soft the only thing I have here is a large oh and then my head is soft now so the next I am going to do I am going to apply the oil apply the oil and walk that from the the roots to the tip of your hair detangle your hair if you think the fine you added on your hair is not enough go ahead and ignore you and don’t leave the tip of your head because tip of your hand is very very important with when you are doing this so when you are done with the aloe vera gel and the volume as I can see my head is soft and well with tango so I’m going to secure this one I’m going to max it and get it out of the way to continue working with the rest of the head so I’m going to go ahead and do the same on this session of a Spray your habits water massage to the tangled mm a little beads the reason why I don’t like working with dry hair because if you work with dry hair dried natural hair you give your head a chance to to break so make sure you don’t walk when you’re doing anything on your natural I make sure I’m not your head is not super dry so when I’m done detangling I’m going to go ahead with aloe vera gel again so that I’m going to go ahead to do this of the camera then I’ll bring you back when I’m done make sure you want the oily down from the tip of your hair to the roots or from the roots to the tip of your head still shy but which ever way make sure you use or you you so now that I’m done with the alvera Andy Jo I mean Andy are you I’m going to cover my head with a plastic wrap a plastic cup and cover it with this mind cup to trap the heat so I’m going to sit tight again with another bag and I’d love you to sit for one hour before I can wash it out so I’m going to show you mine I’m about to wash that so stay tuned this is the this is all the help I lost when doing this treatment on my head this is the only thing that came out of my head yes so yeah so guys it’s been one hour in to wash this and now I’m about to wash them so I’m going to be washing them with my conditioner my head my head is so soft you can’t believe it my very very soft it’s like my hair is relaxed but more like a toys very so don’t know if you can see through the camera but my head is soft look at that let me show you this is from the middle of my head look at that cut where my head is my head is just two years old so I’m going to go ahead and swatch them then I’ll bring you back to show you what the head looks like yeah so guys I’m not washing my hair as you can see this is the only thing I lost after washing the hair plus the other one it’s not much at all it’s very little so yeah that is all for this video what I’m going to do now I’m going to put this all in twist out on the flats which depend on what I want to do with it so good I know that I’m going to put it on flat twists or Conroe yeah that is all for this video I hope you give this method a try believe me you will love your hair because your hair feels very very soft you have to be very very soft and that is promotes hair growth believe me yes so that is all I hope you enjoy it and thank you all for watching and I will see on my desk in the god bless eo5

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