hello guys in this video I’ll be sharing with you guys magic oil I’m using in gray mind naturally I know you guys really love to know this magic oil and if you want to know about this magic oil just a tuned and watch this video before I start if you have not subscribed so my other two YouTube channel guys you better pause this video just go there and subscribe I have uploaded to YouTube channel like meaning I have 3 YouTube channel freedom skies this very one freedom beauty and a free dose life on freedom Beauty what I am sharing on that channel I share holder made these things you better go and check out the YouTube channel and I also share videos on how to grow natural hair and on free those life I share blog videos and I also share hair videos just go there and check out the to YouTube channel and I don’t forget to subscribe if you are only following me here or this my youtube channel and you are not subscribed to my other two YouTube channel guys you missing missing a lot you are really really missing a lot you better go and get subscribed so my two YouTube channel this boy is this point that his crew you’re not sure hey this is the magic oil that his criminal trial and if you want to know how to make this fire because I will not be explaining on making sure that video how to have made this oil because I already had he feeds you on my freedom beauty channel or freedom beauty channel already made a video on how I made this oil if you have worked that video and I’m here to explain to you guys how to apply the oil on your natural hair this iron is made with horror images and I don’t want to explain what I made these oils to explain I just want you to go and check out this video so that you will follow because me explaining so you guys look at how I made the oh yeah I don’t want you to just go there and do it without knowing how I made the oil because I already shed a video how I’ve made the oil I would just allow you to go and watch the video which I would put somewhere here I’ll put the video here the video will also be in the description box below how to apply this oil on your head like to products to product I’m using on my natural hand both are walking like why why why both are walking up this ayah and this veggie have fertilizer you guys know how I am preaching about this head veggie life analyzer on my youtube channel I know you guys who are tired of listening to veggie have fertilizer on my youtube channel and if you are using veggie – Liza and your hair is no growing meaning you bought the wrong that you have fertilizer because a lot of fan websites are selling fake veggie have fertilizer I am Telling You you need to be very careful we won’t survive that you have fertilizer because a lot of salad fate vegetal fertilizer in there if you came by battery life fertilizer acha beauty stop is very very good and I think if we find wery vaginal fertilizer he push actor he look up Beauty stone how I applied this fire on my head I am doing this or you see this fire in many ways if I have breaks like as I’m having my natural henna as my natural hair is now and I want to co wash my hair magic oil with home remedies think car rod avocado it is the etc etc like the head although the other of this oil is like food sense like food you don’t want to apply oil on your hair people will be said who is cooking in who is cooking no you just want to like apply oil on your hair and stiffly last and without no Bolivia’s that people will be thinking your hats man and then what do we do will you apply this fire on your hair you will just use it to massage your scalp on your edges everywhere after applying it you will use a shower cap yeah you something to cover up your head for one hour just wrap your hair around a be working walk around like be doing something and I would advise you is whenever you want to wash your hair do whatever you want to deep condition your head that is really we apply this oil and then I know we don’t like me now I don’t deep conditioner too like a big washing like you know what is big wash will you just like it really really real washing like wash your hair perfectly I was like it do big washing like on my head once in a month what’s been a mood and now we just applied this for it and I will cover it off and then after one hour I will just go to shower and then deep conditioner my hair and I rest my head after them I just do about controls or if I want to braid my hair and braid my hair and I will apply this veggie head fertilizer if you apply this veggie have fertilizer you don’t need to race it off from your head but this is you apply it on your head we race it off from your head but notice vegetal fertilizer and if you are happy brains you know a lot of people when we are happy press maybe you braid your hair cornrows crochet braids bond spreads twist sometimes you usually wash your braids you usually wash your brakes wash your brakes like like we are do if we have the bridge from who usually wash our brakes once anyone and then you will go before you washing your braids you will apply this oil on your scalp make sure you allow the oil to soak your scalp massage it we try to massage in a software because it’s very bad you scratching you’re scum you know where you are scratching like it’s crushing your scalp you will be happy injury on your stuff and your hair will be breaking I’ve read that those crashes come I always try to massage your stuff in a soft way and then if you are having Bruce Lee we apply this oil on your scalp all of all of ayahuasca massage applied on your scalp cover up the bridge cover up your head wrap your hair round you will use something a shower cap or a plastic bag to cover up your hands before we go wash your brace and then the other one and we say when you are also having our back on roots you know a lot of people we know this we put on wigs like me I like putting on listen before you watch where we go you are having a week and you normally do other colors or set up a cornrows and when you are having our cornrows you know you usually are like me I usually wash my colorist Matheny with almost in two weeks it depends and before you washing your cornrows washing you know what you are having our buckaroos you can also wash like go wash your hair with the colors and then we were having our buckaroos just apply this oil this magic or a freedom starts oil and we apply it on your scum make sure you come back up your hair less than one hour when you apply this oil on your head make sure you cover up your head don’t just apply the oil on your hair and just go to shower I receipt of don’t do that I apply this oil you have once in a week once in a week don’t use it every day was in a week worse like worse in a week if I tested a lot to commercial hair twice in a week is also fun but me I am applying this fire once a week once in a week do you have your brakes on after you co washing on the oil you will apply this veggie effect Liza on your scab make sure because when you when you do your back or you to crochet braids you have space you need to take a little amount make sure you look for look for – applied the Virgil a fertilizer on your scalp like I said you don’t need to rest or the veggie have fertilizer is only this fire that we ready die you will s of notice veg a fertilizer and if you are also having all beccarose like on the other corners I said before after you apply the oil receive the oil off from your hair also apply this veggie have fertilizer on your scum apply it on your edges all over your edges and if you also want to grow your eyebrow this fire is very very good do you have any advantage if you wanted to grow also apply this fire on your vibe Jay and your vibes your hair will just be that is ready we really notice the magic of this all right this fire is very good is what I am using on my natural hair because I know a lot of people are asking me questions Frieda why don’t you share tips you are using grey or not try I made a video of this before but I didn’t measure things just because this is my secret and I was just like wow my keep it a secret for people that are supporting me because I don’t have a problem in sharing I know a lot of people if they if they are usually this kind of grit or they would be making this oil and sell it but me I prefer sharing with you guys because I know a lot of people have passed instructions I know a lot of people want their hair to grow and blue and also I will still advise you you that is doing you that is like him stressing your hair I’ve washed trusting your hair I made a video on that before if you really want your hair to grow don’t stress your hair like to eat protective styles like balls bread twists like doing it although frequently is bad like you doing both braids after one week after two weeks you you lose the boss brace and you do twist after one week take that off you do crochet braids loose it no it’s not good like when you do prints when you do press and then you just leave the bread let me say what a month just let me guess and you just need deep breaths in a month when you are done with it we take all the place where you lose the breasts don’t do other debris you can judge to our back or Rose put on a wig just wait for two weeks or three weeks before to impress a game don’t just lose go out there you do bris will take that deep breath you do another breast you will be stressing your edges and then these are the tips that I walk you perfectly on my natural hair and maybe later only the future I find some things that are working nice on my not sure I was taken back and I share with you guys if you like this kind of videos and you wants me to be sharing more videos with you guys about my natural hair what are you waiting for just click the red button red subscribe and give a youth tons of his like this and I keep the share button share with friends and family and don’t forget to check out how I made this I on freedom Beauty Channel and I also try and check out my vlog YouTube channel thank you so so much for watching this video and I will catch you guys in my next one peace sign [Music]

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