Iceland v Croatia – 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ – Match 40

the stars need to align for Iceland tonight but do your own job first and win them because anything less for them that makes the story between Nigeria and Argentina irrelevant pop it picked no foul says the referee and Iceland are in well let’s be the best chance here’s good Mundson one last chacham iceland once it could save he read the flight the law it’s a great effort best we’ve seen by a country mile from Croatia in this game well there’s no question the Quraysh have been most convincing so far at this World Cup Navarre cheering well is good open up for Croatia the right place the right time 40 over the ball looking face Halla crimson Hornets a tip over from colonic [Applause] needing to tip over the head good flight I’m not free header off the top of the bar from Ingerson pills for handball referee says the penalty keeps his new [Applause] but it’s Co Asia who can finish it down in style even parish it’s full-time in rostov iceland are out croatia win group d winning two goals to one [Music]

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