will England prove to much for Croatia in the Semi Final

we now know the semi-final lineup we will have Belgium against France on the Tuesday it’s easy to see the easier side pressure in England meanwhile is the game on the Wednesday yeah let’s just take a look at the early odds according to the bookies England 64 on favourites to advance for the World Cup final for Asia six to five are we I feel like you’re coming to me first because I’ve I’ve denied you the opportunity of having me jump on the bandwagon yes and now exactly yeah well that’s over I’m going all-in it’s coming home well I don’t know I don’t know what home is but it’s going somewhere and I do think that this English national team makes it to live why what what is what what’s the difference what have you seen that has changed well one of them what he just mentioned Craig the Croatia perhaps it’s not as good as we thought they were maybe everybody look good against Argentina everybody has looked great against Argentina and Croatia did as well and I just didn’t really like the fact that there were moments today where they could have controlled the game better and they didn’t I think England can do that against Croatia and I think there’s a threaded system from England that can be superior to the backline of Croatia so Indiana the balance goes to England and yes they make it to the final England will win I think against Robert right show mr. negative no no I think you know win Croatia’s why players I think will be taken back you like that that’s what they did in the previous game I think you can stem mark so I think I think probably gun who’s surprised your rubber obviously we haven’t spanked you for a couple of weeks what are in the gap what we thought wow I didn’t quite think that he would bring what he has to the table in terms of the England yes I think everything every single players done better than I thought he would I would I would say that lingard has done much but even plays best today but I wouldn’t Pat him in the team at the start of the tournament but now he’s making those runs from midfield he’s been quite dynamic Trippier you know there’s always the talk was walk again the players the wing back or was it gonna be trickier with a game and bring somebody else in at send her off but Trippier who lacks athleticism when it comes to defending it was done really well and he’s got lots of crosses in so he certainly surprised me best right back in the tournament of course early thoughts looking ahead to this I think England I I honestly think England will get to the final stop singing that bloody song no I’m not from other qualms about England one and stop that stop singing that song you were singing it earlier we said my head’s in everybody’s head Lucretia I’ve got some great players but England had a bit of a stroll for 90 minutes compared to that one night one year they’ve just played back-to-back 128 back-to-back once when he’s on injuries is replying from Maude rich rakish I thought nor what Gaara is gonna I think he’s gonna change in on but I just think England are in a good place the back fear working great keep us in great form and I think the game will open up more and we’ll see a better delhi ally and hurricane and Raheem Sterling so I’m gonna go for England yeah well when we did our whatever it was called the predictor think predictor yeah I adding a lose in this game but I was 10 days ago and went now I’ve seen Croatia a change of predictor now online because you bonus let me find the lineup exactly I got ya I got the 14 this particular game I didn’t say the other two teams on the other side well I had England but now I’ve seen Croatia against Denmark and tonight I don’t think they’ve got that much your front to worry England I thought rabbits in crabber it a chromatic and not that good Manju couch is plays on the periphery he doesn’t play like his centre forward anymore I think as he’s got older he’s drifting back to towards racquets hitch in moderation wants to play in there and I don’t think they’ll hurt England’s I think England’s will go through attrition record search never played Heinicke Lehighton often also you know and creme riche brand in that hole behind the goal England’s England’s back three look as if they can control that forward line with these cameras ranked quite evil bras of actually I think bras official play but that means that racket itch and moderates might play a little bit further forward but there’s no that much support for men Zuka jiff the two white players end up going in deeper areas just I just think it’s a Scotchman out don’t main sir just thing I think England will get to the final I think they played on our friends and Belgium’s are completely different game right now but I do think England and from what I’ve seen for the switched-on is what they have been I think there’s Croatia so I’d heard a good side yeah don’t get me wrong but I think there’ll be more space to operate and I think that’s gonna sue England we all agree we all agree that England’s but that’s Croatia good puzzle that we’ve got three days as well what’s the weakness robber weakness for England I don’t there are too many weaknesses at the moment if they against mantra CH and racket it’s in midfield and if they play another somebody else in their bras of itch could they be outplayed in that area that could be the only any area but I don’t think when they do out by England in that area have they got the threat going forward so can England get enough domination of that midfield to get their wide plays higher up the field to get crosses into the box wait Plus what were you in plain what’s in your brain trauma normally you’re debbie downer only she’s sure by saying it’s common home from an England perspective Macker brilliant just so comfortable yeah I think the first 10 minutes were a little bit cagey then England realized that actually Sweden in a very good and we’re very good in the end one really comfortably as you rightly said nice thought a professional job they never looked in any moments of danger mm-hmm unqualified absolute cancer to be honest very pleasing day can’t have any qualms about the way England played because he was so comfortable i must admit i thought sweden but woeful all the things we’ve said about and being organized I’m strong and you know defensively sounds that was that went all out the wins is today and they were a shadow if the performances they put in you know all credit to England’s authority of elections again today it kind of felt Sweden maybe hit their ceiling and that was it today yeah but England was just too good for them then allow them to play Henderson was good again I mean he’s playing on a yellow card it takes a lot of discipline back three were excellent again but they could have bit too big guys up front making strong that caused Germany problems caused Mexico problems but the Maguire stones and Walker threesome was playing really well keep us playing great when garden and Ally were quiet in the first half when I fought sterling sterling smoking a lot of steak but obviously he’s finishing is not great it’s improved certainly improved that mindset of this year but his movement was pretty good and he’s in peace and running in behind so I just thought it was a really professional and solid performance and they never got a sniff leastly run that way didn’t he stay leader once you know just to break the lines and boom forward sit just to mix it up a little bit use of this as Englishmen know easy and straightforward no penalty drama or anything like that if you defend well all around the field which England did they never really looked at threat pick for that to make three saves in the second half when Sweden started to put more pressure on but I thought stripping down the right-hand side in the first up although England in play expensive football whenever they got the ball into the wide areas they got crosses into the Box Granquist wasn’t this dominant as he was against Switzerland as we saw for the for the goal and every time Engel had a free-kick it looks same ago I was going to win the ball in the air which is a major plus for England II like to take a look at the statistics England with more possession more shots and deserved winners in the other comfortable deserved winners and I’ll take the point of sterling even further I think he’s a player that when we were coming into this game our concern was or the concern of English fans was okay how do we break through this very well-organized Swedish backline and indeed the midfield his movement in between the lines where he created separation from midfielders dropping back and then forces the center back so step into a position where they don’t want to defend that either opens up spaces underneath or spaces in behind his recognition of those spaces was very good he created a separation when he ran with the ball and then when Center back step to him then he ran him behind that stretch Sweden and there was space for England to play they took advantage of the space and as a quarter-final is you think is gonna be nervous you think it’s gonna be tied you think there’s gonna be a lot of things that may go against you this was comfortable to make three sites in the second half yeah web sites maybe so but this this fell at times as it was a preparation match for the tournament not a quarterfinal match of the tournament don’t forget Sweden beat France in qualifying Yeah right the the be ethically over two games the beat South Korea should have got some against Germany up shallot pasted Mexico then put a very organized switzerland team it was no fluke that they got they are what Englund made them look very obvious to I mean I know they’re a woman like say but they’ve been very a lot more competitive than all these other games I talked about than they were today a lot of coaches at this World Cup look has ever thrown the plans out the window at least England came enough stock where plan the back three and the personnel is pretty much stayed the same also all the teams have played people can say I have put some weaker teams everyone have played has been teams of satin and tried to make it difficult which makes it can the ugly play against there was no way that really Sweden looked as are they’re gonna cause England problems because they didn’t have enough pace they’re running behind there wasn’t enough movement to create overloads anywhere on the field and they didn’t have anybody that can go past somebody with the ball so when you’ve got those three things and haven’t got those three things you’ve got a major problem but England defended well all around the field and didn’t allow them to play their game and get it up to the front blares and the two front players linking up with each other they didn’t allow too many crosses to come into the box so it was a couple on the game that that’s not that wasn’t defense against attack was Belgium but the whole team was changed yeah so Croatia semi-final is actually going to be one of the first games in this competition we’re then gonna gonna face I saved it’s gonna go at them as much as yeah I’m going to go mace up more might be a little bit more open for the daily Ally’s for the Raheem Sterling’s and lingas and players out because every team that played has been teams upset and then put men behind the ball

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