World Cup Daily – More of your comments answered!

[Music] hi we’re in you lose Nikki stadium I’m Nick ANOVA and this is World Cup daily the show that everyone’s talking about we know how much you enjoyed our last comments show and today I’m gonna share some more of my favourites with you this comment is from Naveen M this guy was and Milan has the best job I am jealous no Navin M we’re lucky ones toured with such a huge mega star as was on Milan and this comment came from a Tish looking at this every World Cup should be in Russia great idea Tish we’ll see what we can do Ian says this looks so low-budget is this a joke we have a budget nobody told me that up next amen is this real Wow if you are really reading these comments have a nice day also keep your kisses coming yes amen we really do read them and this one is for you you know we really love to dance in the show especially Vasant to get to me too but not everyone loves our dancing tag three one four says why does he keep dancing it’s nothing but cringe it’s because he is so happy we say turn on the cringe tacky on the other hand says the elegant hero of a son belongs why gasps Andrew on the world cup welcome back will love the sons dancing and swagger crazy variety TV says both marry me please I’d love to but I’m already married to football Wow Daria is back but what’s she wearing she looks like a waitress during this outfit serger yeah and we begin it in or take away sir and this one from Adam I’m here only to dislike this cringe likes or dislikes we’ll love them all we work hard on our cringe factor a very beautiful couple from Spain a very beautiful spring I can’t say they get very beautiful couple from Spain [Music] thank you so much for watching guys don’t forget to get in touch and keep your comments coming we love them all and see you next time on World Cup daily paka paka paka bye [Music]

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