World Cup Daily – Your Comments Answered!

hi I’m Nick ANOVA and this is World Cup daily the show that loves to listen today with the FIFA Foundation Festival and I’m gonna read out some of my favorite comments about the show so this one comes from loudest and I love it Thank You Daria and Nika you’re blowing kisses has hit the mark and I have now decided to allow Russia to go through to the quarter finals and maybe even further through CODIS I’m sending you three more kisses for the semi-finals for the finals at Borussia to win the World Cup and the next one is from yes see come on FIFA hire me I can do better than them just be natural and don’t try too hard natural people always look and sound better so yes he just sent us your video and we will find out see I’m reading this and the next one from Ryan I love the de Cape there Russian English accent English with Russian accent is so nice and the next one is from Andrew Niccol forgot to put on her pants and then Pirelli replies which one is Nika I was presenting with Vasant I know he’s pretty but come on freely on the girl here come on and the next one from Sergio what is she wearing she looks like tradesperson what happened to the cute dress well serger what you don’t realize is I am a trades person so if you did any work done just you make home and the next one is from Scorpio snake looks like I’m more excited about this daily podcast than the World Cup matches itself Scorpio snake I love your style and the next one from leo wow the presenters are terrible one is selected for the job because of their skills or did the other factors play a role here well leo my dad does own the internet so maybe that’s why I got my job and this one is from sugars oh my Russian woman are so gorgeous I’m learning Russian now world cup daily the place that teaches you Russian every day specialist and the final one from brought it to heart so cheesy such a player hater I love Lea haters and I love cheese and I love your comments please keep your comments thank you so much for watching guys it was so much fun reading all of your comments don’t forget to get in touch because we really do read them and join us back tomorrow on World Cup daily 5 ever life makka pakka [Music]

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